Zov Homolja – the Balkans in Vienna

If you end up wandering in the Neulerchenfeld area of Vienna and realize that a great hunger is overwhelming you – there is one place  you MUST visit during your City Break. Zov Homolja is a cheap and authentic yet cozy restaurant that serves some of the best Balkan meals available in Vienna. The place for meat-lovers!

Zov Homolja – the Balkans in Vienna

Nice and cozy, Zov Homolja is a restaurant that introduces its visitors to the real Balkan cuisine. And, as we all know very well, Balkan cuisine is all about meat! Just take a look at their menu and you will quickly understand what the thing is about  – from world-famous Sarajevo chevapi to various sausages and minced steaks! Zov Homolja is a paradise for those who are fond in rich, tasteful meals. Plus, the meat-dishes are all natural and healthy (as healthy as a pure meat dish can be) – you actually choose the piece of raw meat to be grilled for you!

Zov Homolja is an authentic Balkan restaurant that will make you understand what the Balkan spirit and culture is all about. Just like in any real Balkan diner, you will not leave Zov Homolja hungry – even the smallest dish available on the menu will make you feel full and happy. The prices at Zov Homolja are still very reasonable, you won’t spend more than 10 to 20 Euros per person.

Despite all the reasons that make Zov Homolja a really awesome place to dine at, this Balkan restaurant is not yet widely known to tourists and to locals of non-Eastern-European origin. At Zov Homolja you will find yourself right in the middle of Balkan immigrants. City Break Guru recommends this Balkan grill to all City Breakers who are either very hungry or want to get a glimpse of Balkan immigrant culture in Vienna.

Source: http://citybreak.guru/travel-directory/zov-homolja-balkan-grill/